Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Learn how Pro artists use MagicPicker, MagicSquire, MagicRefs and other panels in Photoshop

All tutorials, tips and tricks on how to use our MagicPicker, MagicSquire, MixColors, DiskFonts, MagicRefs in Photoshop/Illustrator panels are now in one place

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Friday, March 15, 2019

MagicSquire 3.1 update improves brush handling in Adobe Photoshop

Tags are more user-friendly! Search improved, Collections speeded up, Brush Tip rotation is faster with Keyboard Shortcuts, sync brushes to Dropbox is better.

– Tags UI improvements by concept artists’ feedback
– Improved brush tip rotation performance, fixed problem with available keyboard shortcuts to brushes when too many shortcuts are assigned, fixed searching for tags, capturing color, rotating brush tip, permissions with relocating data folder to Dropbox and Google Drive
– All features available now for Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019+
– more

Upgrade MagicSquire here

Read more about MagicSquire, professional brush group/tag assistant for Adobe Photoshop

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

MagicSquire 3 Photoshop panel - work with brushes like never before! Tags, Keyboard Shortcuts, more

Just published BIGGEST update to MagicSquire ever! Tags! Keyboard Shortcuts to individual brushes. Group Collections. Store and sync brushes to Cloud(s), Rotate brush/tool tip with keyboard, more Keyboard Shortcuts, Capture color, even more!


NEW! Assign Tags to brushes and then filter them using Search - with Instant Suggestions. Filter out brushes that you don’t need in current project, instantly.
NEW! Collections allow you to combine several groups to a collection, and then switch between group combinations with one click or keyboard shortcut. Use Collection Editor from the menu.
NEW! Keyboard Shortcuts for individual brushes. Also keyboard shortcuts to following new and old features of MagicSquire:
Rotate Brush/Tool tip (works with Clone Tool too)
Turn current Brush into Eraser (and back)
Increase/Decrease Load for Mixer brushes
Switch brushes and collections
more! New shortcuts dialog is accessible from the menu.
NEW! Relocate data folder and put it on Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive or any other 3rd party Cloud service. Back up and safely auto-sync your brushes between computers!
NEW! Disable size capture for tools, switch between brushes and tools while keeping size
All features available now for Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019+

Upgrade MagicSquire here

Read more about MagicSquire brush manager for Photoshop

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

MagicPicker 6.3 - Faster, better, mightier!

 – NEW! Slight color adjustment with Shift+click on the inner side of color wheel (box, triangle, etc). The color pointer moves towards the cursor.
– Significant UI performance boost (new framework) on Photoshop/Illustrator CC, all versions. Especially on CC 2018+
– UI improvement in Keyboard Shortcuts dialog on Photoshop CS6
– Improved Black & White button behavior in BIG colors mode
– Fixed problem with clicking Background color swatch in BIG colors mode
– Fixed problem with wrong CMYK values on Illustrator in some scenarios
– On Illustrator CC and higher currently selected color swatch is now correctly displayed on the top
– Improved panel title display in Compact Mode
– Greatly improved and optimized Compact Mode in different scenarios, especially when quickly moving cursor aroud the panel
– Improved LDT Cube behavior when using eyedropper in some scenarios

Upgrade MagicPicker here

Read more about MagicPicker, the Professional Color Picking plugin for Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

MixColors 3.0 brings keyboard shortcuts, auto-gradient groups, more!

NEW IN v3.0

NEW! Smart Color Groups – next generation of color swatches. Auto-gradient between Photoshop
foreground & background or between any colors! Easily get colors inbetween. Smart resizing of the groups
so you have only the swatches you need. Shift+click to mix to current color.

NEW! Clear Color History, Undo/Redo colors with Keyboard Shorcuts
NEW! Quickly add color swatches to the mix with Shift+click! Drag’n’drop swatches to the mixing area,
single-click to set current color
NEW! Easily assign Keyboard Shortcuts using integrated Keyboard Shortcuts dialog wih new features:
– Add new Color Swatch
– Add new Color Group
– Create new Smart Color Group
– Add Foreground Color into Color Mix
– Clear Color History
– Undo/Redo Color (Navigate Color History, click to get back to older colors you chose for Photoshop Foreground)
– Pick Color from Color Mix into History
– Turn on Mix Eyedropper mode
– Toggle Auto-Sync mode
– Mix colors from each of 3 Mixers with main color (no matter if Auto-sync is on)
– Mix colors from each of 3 Mixers with Photoshop Foreground (no matter if Auto-sync is off)
– Load colors into each of 3 Mixers
– Mix colors from each of 3 Mixers with main color and then update mixer with this color
– Open/Close MixColors panel
All shortcuts are assignable straight inside MixColors Settings in an easy-to-use dialog (one click away settings).
Follow our tutorials for troubleshooting and additional details:

NEW! Right-click menu allows you to edit swatch color, edit name or quickly assign background, foreground or
main color to the swatch.

NEW! Increadibly fast UI – uses new MagicPicker framework. Faster resizing, faster redraws, very responsive
NEW! Hide upper part of the panel with mixers and use only swatch grouping
NEW! Rearrange groups with drag’n’drop!

Drag’n’drop swatches between groups greatly improved
Improved compatibility with all recent Adobe updates including CC2018
Improved CloudSync – sync color swatches with our servers
Improved panel behavior and fixed all visual, drag’n’drop and other issues by your feedback
Color History is now scrolled to the end of the list when new color is chosen
Color History scrollbar is now smaller to clean up screen real estate
Fixed click problems with eyedroppers under color mixers
Improved design of the panel by your feedback
MixColors 3 features slightly modified modern-looking icon
Improved “delete swatch” button behavior in various scenarios

Upgrade MixColors here

Get MixColors – color mixing plugin for Adobe Photoshop

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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Added 75th tutorial on MagicPicker color wheel

I can’t believe it was 75 posts ago I started tips&tricks for my extension panel plugins! The first tip was published on Sep 5th, 2011 - about 7 years ago (and on the 3rd year after MagicPicker’s birth). The twitter page was launched in March 2010 (yeah I was quite slow, spending most of the time coding MagicPicker).

You can enjoy all the tutorials for MagicPicker, the Photoshop color wheel on my project’s blog

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

MagicSquire 2.6 update: 4-8x speed boost, Magic Eraser improvement

As your brush collections grow so grows MagicSquire! Mind-blowing 4-8x speed improvement on Photoshop CC, fast display of 500+ brushes in a single group, Magic Eraser now reverts with second click, more!

  • Improved loading of multiple .tpl files
  • Significantly improved UI performance on Photoshop CC (all versions): when dealing with large number (500-1000+) of brushes, opening panel, scrolling, switching list types, opening/closing groups, loading .abr and .tpl files
  • NEW FEATURE: Magic Eraser now preserves brush size and also supports second click! When you click Magic Eraser button again it switches back to the previously selected tool
  • NEW FEATURE: You can now tune double-click behavior in MagicSquire settings
  • Nailed “Cannot get id” problem on large brush collections
  • Fixed visual issues
  • Improved performace of Horizontal layout
  • Photoshop CS6 users stay tuned! Speedup is on the way

Upgrade MagicSquire

Read more about other panels, including Photoshop Color Wheel and Color Mixer

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