Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What professionals say about MagicPicker color wheel

MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel

"I'm pleased to have seen this color selection design reused in subsequent art and design applications. Your contribution to PS users is certainly appreciated."John Derry /
Original Corel Painter's Wheel creator

"Flash does open a lot of doors, however, and Anastasiy's panel is a great example of that."
John Nack / Adobe

"DAMN COOL !"—Alex Broeckel, the famous artist on Harry Potter and Oliver Twist / Alex Broeckel

"Artist 'friendly' color picking...Keep up the great work!!"Craig Shoji, the famous concept artist on Alice and Avatar / Pensketch.com

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Anonymous Sarah Perryman said...

I have had the Color Picker for just a few minutes and I already know this is going to make a big improvement in my comic coloring work!

7:24 AM  

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