Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Every digital artist needs!

Finally I updated my Photoshop ColorPicker with the new, long-awaited and manytime-asked option - the color wheel!

It's now called MagicPicker and can be obtained here: Photoshop Color Wheel

The list of other features include:
  • NON-MODAL panel - unlike native Photoshop color picker you don't need to close a dialog
  • Color pane, Color wheel and RGB/HSB sliders
  • Supports Photoshop CS3 and CS4
  • FAST!
  • Sets foreground and bakground color
  • Supports feeback from Photoshop. (It's an ability to update panel automatically when a color is picked outside panel, e.g. with Alt-click on the image)
  • Arbitrary panel scaling
  • H,S,B and R,G,B modes support
  • Numerical boxes for precise color changing
  • HEX box to get color for your web page element
  • NO crashes, unlike some other panels

MagicPicker panel Color Wheel color picker example MagicPicker panel Color Wheel color picker example
MagicPicker panel Color Wheel color picker example

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