Thursday, May 27, 2010

News on my MagicPicker color picker/color wheel Photoshop panel plugin

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John Nack put a good word about MagicPicker on his blog. MagicPicker Color picker and wheel in Adobe Blogs
MagicPicker color wheel gets exposed, preparated and reviewed in new M2 media's online training booklet for digital painters (check "Photoshop Paint Tools"), together with John Derry's Artist Brushes. Don't forget to check the amazing John Derry's Artist Brushes - they will really make your Photoshop painting alive!
– The 12.000 downloads of the free version barrier is back!
– The panel was demonstrated on the biggest Photoshop event in Germany — TION in Cologne.
– The new update is on the way, btw. It will fix some bugs and introduce some improvements.
- Yes, the link to MagicPicker is here:

the exclusive zero-click panel functionality brings new possibilities for fast colors picking in Photoshop CS5

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