Tuesday, February 02, 2016

MixColors 2.0 update brings swatch groups and color mixing to Adobe Photoshop

There was a huge update to one of my panels last week. MixColors 2.0 update finally delivers intuitive Swatch Groups, adds Cloud Sync, gets next-gen color mixing formula, brings full Adobe Photoshop CC2015 support and more!

- Color groups. Reimagined! New simple and intuitive color group management with drag’n'drop support.
- Sync colors and color groups with the Cloud – safe 256-bit encryption on the server side! Easy cloud handling.
- Color mixing improved – next-gen color mixing formula for faster and more accurate results.
- Adobe Photoshop CC 2015+ and CC 2014 support – MixColors has been rewritten from scratch to support new Adobe Creatve Cloud platform.
- Color history is improved.
- Small/large color swatches handling improved.
- Tons of performance improvements on CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC platforms.
- A lot of bug fixes and improvements by your feedback.

MixColors, the true color mixer and swatch group manager inside Adobe Photoshop

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