Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Finally. Mix colors in Photoshop with my new MixColors panel!

MixcColors - Photoshop Color Mixer

What's hot:

# Uses physically accurate engine for mixing colors based on oils, watercolor or acrylics
# Perfectly simple, yet very powerful
# User interaction based on legendary MagicPicker
# Tested, approved and used by Hollywood artists
# Mix colors with Photoshop eyedropper in one click – any color picked with eyedropper will mix to current one in real time!
# Keeps history of recently used colors
# Attach MixColors to MagicPicker to use as one panel
# Keeps history of recently used colors
# Compact Mode! Panel takes only 2cm of the screen and expands automatically when mouse is over it
# Color swatches — prepare colors like you do it on real life palette and mix them
# much much more!!

LINK: Download Photoshop Color Mixer - MixColors panel plugin

Read Photoshop MixColors manual and troubleshooting

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